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Before hitting ‘Submit’, please login/register first and check the deal submission guidelines page for complete details. Here are some quick rules:

  • Only good promos and offers, please. Remember: good promos are ones that give immediate and significant discounts/freebies.
  • Before posting, check if the promo already exists here on Cheapnik Philippines by using the search box on top of this page. Duplicates will be deleted and might incur downvotes against your account.
  • Post a clear title including merchant, details, price, location, and dates, if applicable. Suggested title format is “Merchant: Details including price [Location, Dates]”.
  • Be descriptive as much as possible and include all relevant details and hidden prints that you think will benefit the reader.
  • Remember to link directly to the source (avoid homepages with no details or other irrelevant online sources). Link direct to the source where users can see official details of promo or the actual product page with the discounted price.
  • Remember to add an expiry date to your deal to help us ensure relevance of the deals. If the deal is so good to not share but does not have a clear expiration date, there is an option to not include an expiration date (deal will auto-expire after a certain time period.
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