Deck The Halls On A Budget: Tips To Save The Most On Holiday Decor

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It’s the most wonderful the of the year again, and many of us are all going gaga on making sure our homes look glorious and Christmas-y enough to wow our guests – but what’s a cheapnik to do when budget goes in the way? Here are our best tips to save us the most on holiday decor.

The best time to shop for Holiday Decors

The best time to shop for Christmas decors is right after Christmastime – this is when retailers including big box stores and other chain-based stores need to stock their shelf spaces with other non-holiday items in preparation for springtime so they’d be much more inclined to give the holiday decors off for far less.

Of course the magic of decor shopping comes during the actual holiday season, so the next best time for holiday decor shopping would be during Black Friday and Cyber Monday where stores offer huge discounts on items. The stores might not offer specific deals for Christmas wreaths, trees, holiday string lights, and Christmas village decors, but during the Thanksgiving shopping madness they offer a significant discount on all items purchased in-store or online, so including the decors in your shopping list will definitely help you save on these.

Before you shop: take inventory of your decors

Consider taking inventory of all the decor items you already have before you go shopping, because doing so will definitely help keep you from buying stuff you already have.

Buy in Bulk

Also, buying in bulk will definitely help save you money on decors because it’s not rare to find 100-piece sets of holiday baubles or string lights for just around $10-20 per set, especially online at Amazon where these bulk items are pretty common.

Store and reinvent your Christmas decors

One good strategy is to properly store your decorations for reuse the next holiday season so that you can reinvent your old decors by adding a few touches like sprucing up your candles with new ribbons and adding touches of Christmas staples such as pine cones you can easily find outdoors – for free, of course – thereby adding a rustic and homey feel to your Christmas table.

Lastly, if the budget is really tight, I recommend to simply skip on shopping for holiday decorations because last year’s decors will do anyway (if you still have them, that is) – it’s more practical to spend on food for the holidays instead of unnecessary decors if your budget doesn’t have room for extras.


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