Is Amazon Prime Still Worth It? Here Are Things To Consider Before Getting Or Renewing Your Prime Membership

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After this year’s increase from $99 to $119, the fee for an entire year’s Prime service may still not be a lot for some. But it definitely is something, especially when you’re just about to take out your credit card and renew or subscribe for the first time, mulling over whether Amazon Prime is still worth it or not.

Sure there are a number of Amazon Prime benefits that one just cannot ignore on top of the very enticing free unlimited two-day shipping as we’ve written in an article about the perks and benefits of being an Amazon Prime Member and for a lot of “Amazoniacs” who are into shopping online, the Prime service is definitely worth it. But if you are double taking whether you should really consider getting or renewing your Amazon Prime service and if it’s worth your money, well, this blog post is for you.

Amazon Prime Package Delivery Shipping

Order much at Amazon? Prime might be for you. | Photo by dinomite used under CC

Ask yourself or consider the following to see if Amazon Prime is still worth it to you:

1. How often do you shop online at Amazon?

This first question might be the “make or break” question out of all these. The biggest benefit of having an Amazon Prime membership is the unlimited free two-day shipping on your purchases. If you seldom shop online let alone at, you wouldn’t get any of your money’s worth in getting a Prime subscription and your money’s better spent somewhere else (or saved in your bank account). I know it’s already obvious enough, but just saying just to make sure all sides are well covered.

2. How much do you spend on orders at Amazon, on an average?

If most of the time your orders exceed the $25 minimum amount purchase to be eligible for free shipping, then you would already be eligible for free shipping if you do not mind receiving your package a few days or a week later (a slower 5 to 8 day free shipping), that is. If the only reason you’re going for Prime membership is just to get free shipping no matter how long it takes, then your money’s better off staying away from Prime.

3. How many Prime-exclusive items have you purchased from Amazon for the last six months?

One benefit of being an Amazon Prime member is having access to Prime-exclusive deals and discounts on specific items and services. Have you purchased any items from their Prime-exclusive deals page?

If yes, total how much savings you’ve made from this page. If you haven’t bought any from this, well, this is one Prime perk you’re not getting your money’s worth from.

4. Think of the kind of items that you purchase at Amazon all the time – how well do their Amazon prices compare with other competitors?

If most items you repeatedly purchase are cheaper at other retails like Walmart, Target, or Best Buy, then it makes no sense to become a Prime member. Also ask yourself: how much do you pay for shipping at other retailers? Or, do they offer free shipping?

5. Are any of your favorite shows on Prime video? And do you even listen to Prime Music or Audible Channels? Also, have you taken advantage of the Prime Reading service?

Although a few on Prime Video are on a pay-per-view basis, Amazon Prime lets you gain access to all of these plus unlimited listening and reading on their Prime Music and Reading services. For some, access to their favorite Prime Video are a must in their households, and many just couldn’t stop listening to Prime Music and the Audibles Channels.

Yet if you are not taking advantage of these and are paying the basic $7.99 monthly Netflix fee instead for more choices in your viewing pleasure, these are another key Prime benefits you’re not getting any value from.

6. Do you have your own little family?

Amazon Prime membership qualifies you for Amazon Family subscription at no extra fee, and the big deal here is that you get up to 20% discount on diaper and baby food (excluding formula) subscriptions when you order at least 5 subscriptions arriving on the same day to the same address. For a young family with a constant need for dozens of fresh diapers, baby food, and many other miscellaneous baby stuff each month, the savings you get from benefit from Prime is substantial. This is the best time for you to become a Prime member if you ask me.

7. Have you used the Prime Photos service to store and organize your photos?

Another big benefit of Prime membership is unlimited storage for your photos. Third-party storage providers (and lately, the list include Flickr) charge a small monthly fee for this service but that’ll surely add up over the months.
Amazon Prime gives you unlimited storage with Prime Photos, so this is something that’ll surely add value to your money if you’re a photo buff.

8. Have you or will you use Prime Pantry? And is the Prime Now service available in your area?

Although Prime Pantry costs an extra $4.99 per month on top of your Prime membership, you can get unlimited free shipping on household goods worth $40 or more (orders under $40 incurs a $7.99 shipping fee). Ask yourself if this service is worth the money to you.

As for the Prime Now service where you can get groceries delivered to your door in as little as two hours and restaurant deliveries in an hour and under, this service just gives Prime members so much value – the thing is, is the service already available in your area? Check here to find out.

9. Do you just need the Prime Membership for your holiday shopping?

Amazon Prime members do have a lot of benefits and exclusive perks especially this holiday shopping season when Amazon announced free same-day delivery and early access to holiday deals exclusive only to Prime members, so it’s only reasonable to want to be a Prime member over the holidays.

If it’s all just for the holidays, then you can subscribe for just a month for only $12.99/month – it already comes with all the Prime perks you want to have access to, only this time you’ll enjoy it for just a month.

10. Can you share your Prime benefits with someone else and split the cost?

If you live with roommates and you’re ordering from Amazon a lot, anyway, then splitting with the Prime membership cost with your housemates solves the issue.

Now back to you… Is Amazon Prime really worth it to you?

Everyone’s buying habits and product preferences differ so there’s no easy telling whether or not Amazon Prime is for you, so ask yourself above questions to help narrow it down.

Why not stall your decision for a week, and see if you will need a “Prime” service anytime during the week, or see if you change your mind for the better. Whatever your decision will be, me thinks it’s always a win-win situation: get/renew Prime and you get all its benefits (as long as if it’s for you as per above questions), or not get/renew Prime and you not only save on the $119 annual fee, you also get to stop all those unnecessary online shopping sprees just to get your money’s worth back on Prime. Remember that you can always save on your shopping at Amazon by looking at our always updated Amazon deals and coupons page.

If anything, check out what Prime membership type is right for you and take advantage of the Free Trial of Amazon Prime for 30 days – you’re free to cancel anytime so that way you get to take a sampling of all its perks and benefits and see if it really is right for you.


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