Prime What? Here’s A Round Up of Amazon Prime’s Benefits

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Have you been thinking about whether you should sign up for Amazon Prime or not? We’ve written a blog post on how to find out if Amazon Prime is worth your money to help you out on that, but in this post we’re going to explore a bit more on the perks and benefits of Amazon Prime to help your cheapnik self even more on your decision.

And out of the tons of Amazon services, it’s hard to keep track of everything that’s free with Prime and who knows, that third-party service you’ve been paying for (looking right at you, Netflix, Spotify and Flickr, among others) might already be included free in your Amazon Prime membership.

Amazon Prime Box Cat

Prime membership comes with a bunch of surprises, but no, not the cat. | Photo by R. Mariner used under CC

What was something that started more than a decade ago as a humble free 2-day shipping service has now grown ambitiously into a service that almost everyone would consider subscribing to, given the fact that it continuously added new services including free music, video, photo storage, and access to a grocery service – the list just keeps growing so without further ado, here’s the complete roundup of Amazon Prime’s perks and all the benefits its members enjoy.

You get free, fast, and flexible shipping options being a Prime member

Free two-day, one-day, and same-day shipping with Amazon Prime

Perhaps the most popular and the main benefit of Amazon Prime is that you get unlimited free two-day shipping on over 100 million Prime items at Amazon. No minimum spend is required to get this free service. Prime members also get to enjoy free Same-Day and One-Day shipping on over a million eligible items (much lesser choices than the 2-day shipping). And if ever they are late in one or their deliveries, you can get an additional month of Prime membership for free.

One great and sometimes unexplored advantage of Prime membership is that since you’re entitled to a two-day free shipping, you can opt for “No-Rush” shipping and get $1-$5 in credits you can use towards ebooks, movie rentals, and even Prime Pantry purchases. You can even game the system by separating all your items into individual purchases, so that you can earn more credits for each order you tagged as “No-Rush”. Choosing the no-rush shipping on 20-40 of your orders in a year is enough to give you credits that’s worth your Annual Prime membership.

Amazon No-Rush Shipping

Here’s how you can opt for the “No-Rush” shipping method.

2-hour delivery service with Prime Now

With Amazon’s Prime Now service you can shop thousands of eligible items – including household items, groceries, restaurant orders and booze, and even Amazon’s Kindle, Echo, and Fire – delivered to you in literally two hours or under.

The thing is, Prime Now is just expanding and might not be available in your city – check here to find out. In addition, a minimum order threshold might be required for the service, depending on your location.

Free release-date delivery on video games, music, books, and movies

Just shop for the items at least 2 business days before release, add the pre-order item to your cart, and then select the “release date delivery” option at checkout to be one of those to get the first dibs on the latest stuff.

Prime members save BIG on Prime-member-only deals, discounts, and offers

Exclusive access to Prime Day sales

Prime Day is Amazon’s biggest global online shopping event that is open only to Prime members, and you sure do not want to miss out on the best deals because this is Prime Day where Amazon takes the extra effort to delight its members with outstanding discounts. Aside from Amazon devices such as the Fire TV Stick and Echo Dot, the most popular bestseller during the Amazon Prime Day in the U.S. is the humble instant pot pressure cooker.

Prime-exclusive deals and discounts

Prime members get exclusive access to deals and discounts on select items and services, only through the Prime Deals and Discounts page. This way you pay less than the than the average non-Prime member, and who knows your savings for the year might just be enough to cover your annual Prime membership fee.

Early access to Lightning Deals

Amazon does have limited-time Lightning Deals every day and they can sell out pretty quickly, and sometimes having that 30-minute headstart advantage as a Prime member is all it takes for you to score that deal.

Exclusive Alexa-only deals

If you have an Alexa-enabled device such as Amazon Echo, Tap, Echo Show, Fire TV, or Echo Dot, ask Alexa what the deals are and she’ll tell you all the deals exclusive only to Alexa.

Huge savings, no annual fee, and get up to 5% cashback with your Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature credit card

Prime members have the option to sign up for the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature credit card, which gives cardholders a whole new set of benefits – save money on annual fees because this the Prime Rewards card doesn’t have one, plus you do not get charged for foreign transaction fees which is a great advantage to those who frequently purchase in different currencies abroad. Plus, on top of the 5% cashback on Amazon and Whole Foods purchases, 2% cashback on restaurant, drugstore, and gas station purchases, and 1% cashback on everything else, you also get a free $70 Amazon gift card instantly upon credit card approval. Seems Amazon has been really aggressive in luring in new customers with these awesome benefits. Again, this credit card is exclusive only to Prime members so this is another Prime benefit you just can’t ignore, and all the savings you get from this card might just be enough to cover an entire year’s Prime subscription.

Prime members shop effortlessly and get exclusive discounts on household items and fresh groceries

Fresh Food Items Groceries

Access to Prime Pantry

Prime Pantry does your grocery shopping for you so you don’t have to, especially if you’re always short on time. Although Prime Pantry costs an extra $4.99 per month on top of your Prime membership, you can get unlimited free shipping on household goods and non-perishables worth $40 or more (orders under $40 incurs a $7.99 shipping fee). Just be sure to get the most out of your membership fee by filling your box with as much goods as possible each time you order. Just like Prime Video, you can also use your floating credits you got when you opted for “No-Rush” shipping towards your Prime Pantry membership.

Access to Prime Fresh

If Prime Pantry is for household goods and dry non-perishables, then Prime Fresh is for all things fresh. The Prime Fresh service lets you order fresh produce, frozen goods, food items, and all other perishable grocery needs and have them delivered in your front door without any effort. Same as Amazon Pantry, orders worth $40 or more get free delivery.

Prime members can order via the Amazon Dash Button

This seems like an overkill to me and it’s really not the cheapnik way to go in my household as it lets you or anyone in your home order something in a jiffy without giving it any thought. The Amazon Dash Button makes ordering easy. Call me old school, but I like to plan things and my household spending and I don’t necessarily want to be able to order stuff the moment I thought of it (because I might change my mind or who knows what).

Anyway just putting this out for you readers because Amazon Prime members get to order household items in an instant with the Amazon Dash Button, which makes ordering scary easy. With a simple click, Prime members get to order household products with the press of a button. You can get the button for $4.99 and receive a $4.99 credit on your first order placed through Amazon Dash. Below video pretty much sums up how it works.

Exclusive “baby” deals and discounts with Amazon Family

Amazon Prime membership qualifies you for Amazon Family subscription at no extra fee, and the big deal here is that you get up to 20% discount on diaper and baby food (excluding formula) subscriptions when you order at least 5 subscriptions arriving on the same day to the same address. Plus you get up to 15% off select items from your baby registry. For a young family with a constant need for dozens of fresh diapers, baby food, and many other miscellaneous baby stuff each month, the savings you get from benefit from Prime is substantial.

Free & unlimited access to entertainment & digital services

Access to Prime Video

For non-Prime users, Prime Video costs $5.99 per month to get access to exclusive Emmy-winning Prime Originals as well as and entire library of popular movies and TV shows. This totals to $71.88 per year to the non-Prime member, but know that you have the option to just add another $47.12 (or $3.92/month) to become an official Prime member with unlimited Prime Video subscription plus access to all the Prime perks and benefits you see on this page. You can also rent new releases as a Prime member – but why not pay for it using all the extra credits you earned just by choosing “No-Rush” shipping when you order at Amazon, as I have mentioned above?

Prime Video Originals

Free access to over 2 million songs

You can say goodbye to your standalone Spotify or Apple Music because access to Prime Music is already included with your Prime membership. A year’s subscription to Spotify ($9.99/month would almost be enough to cover the same amount as an entire year’s Prime subscription fee, only with Prime you get all of the added benefits). Note though that the amount of songs you have access to is not that much compared to Spotify or Apple Music’s offerings, but me thinks 2 million popular songs is more than enough for me to listen to, and if in case you want unlimited access to new releases and “tens of millions of songs” as per Amazon, then you can go ahead and start a 30-day free trial with the Amazon Music Unlimited subscription service, which sadly costs an extra $7.99/month.

Amazon Audibles is free for Prime members

The originally $60-per-year Amazon Audibles becomes free when you subscribe to Amazon Prime, which lets you stream original audio series, podcasts, and audio books at your convenience.

Prime members read free with Prime Reading

Read as much as you want with Prime Reading – including books and magazines of almost any title you can think of plus Audible narrations, using any device – when you have Prime membership.

Early access to pre-release Editors’ Picks at First Reads (formerly Kindle First)

Your Prime membership here works like a VIP early-dibs pass – to pre-release Editors’ Pick reads, that is. With your First Reads access, every month you get to buy a not-yet-released Kindle book from the list of Editors’ Picks for only $1.99.

Amazon Kindle

Free access to Twitch Prime

Amazon Prime sure does want to cater to everyone – including online gamers with its free access to Twitch Prime. With this free service, members get to enjoy free games every month, and on top of that gamers get access to pre-order discounts and release-day deliveries, all exclusive to your Prime membership.

Free unlimited photo storage with Prime Photos

Photographers and selfie lovers will surely enjoy this one! The Prime Photos service is completely free for Prime members, this way you can save money and say goodbye to paid third-party photo storage services like Flickr and store an unlimited number of your good ol’ family and holiday photos with this free service, again exclusive only to Prime.

Exclusive discount to FreeTime Unlimited

Prime members get an exclusive 40% discount on Amazon FreeTime Unlimited subscriptions, a family-oriented service that gives kids unlimited access to kid-friendly books, educational apps & games, as well as TV shows and movies. The service starts at just $2.99 per month and has a 1 month free trial to offer in case you want to try.

Amazon Prime is Cheapnik approved – if you get to use all of these Prime perks and benefits

Whew, that’s a lot! With all the Amazon Prime perks and benefits I mentioned above, I think it’s quite safe to say that Amazon Prime is one of the most powerful membership programs on the planet, and I’m not even exaggerating. They’ve been getting so good in adding value to the membership program every year and they’ve been aggressively luring in new members with their un-ignorable deals especially during the holidays with tons of Prime exclusive perks, it’s getting crazy scary how bigger they grow each year.

All in all, the verdict is: Prime is Cheapnik approved – if you get to use all of the Prime membership perks and benefits above, then it’s more than safe to say that Amazon Prime is for you and will definitely save you a lot of money. You initially get a free 30-day trial, and if you must, use these Amazon deals and promo codes and see what Prime membership option saves you most to even further your savings. Heck, the annual fee you save from the Prime Rewards credit card is even enough to pay for the annual Prime fee, if you ask me.


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