Hack Your Way To Amazon Black Friday With These 6 Tips

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Black Friday is coming soon and although you don’t have to line up in-store as you do over at Walmart, Target, Best Buy, and other stores, you’d still have to do a little bit of planning if you want to score the best online bargains and save as much in the process.

Cheapnik already has tons of of discounts on offer at our Amazon deals and promo codes page for your use especially during these holiday shopping events, yet still read through our cheapnik guidelines below to hack your way through the Amazon Black Friday sale event.

Take note of the following tips to help you hack Amazon Black Friday

1. Amazon runs Early Black Friday Deals as early as November 1st, but it’s best to stay put ’til at least the week of Black Friday (November 17 onwards)

The deals are definitely going to get bigger and bigger as Black Friday nears – what you can do now is to monitor the Early Black Friday deals and see any item that sparks your liking.

2. This is important: If you have not signed up for Prime membership yet, go ahead and
start your 30-day free trial

Starting your 30-day free trial of Prime gives you a good headstart in maximizing your Black Friday savings:

  • Many Black Friday deals will only be exclusive to Prime members starting November through December.
  • Also Prime members get EARLY ACCESS to Lightning Deals so you get to see all the deals 30 minutes before everyone else (w/o Prime) does. These Lightning Deals come and go pretty quickly and some run out of stock immediately, so having that 30-minute advantage is golden.
  • You can apply for the Prime Rewards credit card which gives you an instant 5% cashback on all your Amazon purchases and 1-2% cashback on other purchases (the card also has no annual fees)
  • On top of this, you get a free month of Prime in case your order arrived beyond the 2-day promise.

In case you’re still on the fence about Prime, check our blog post here to see all the Prime perks and benefits plus your membership options in case you want to push through beyond the free trial.

3. Join the “Waitlist” for items you missed, but you really want it still

Lightning Deals that ran out quickly might still be sitting in someone’s checkout without any intention of buying – carts that are not completed in 15 minutes are dropped and Amazon’s Waitlist gives the coveted item to the next customer who’s first in the waitlist.

4. Place your first Alexa order and get a $5 Amazon credit – and also don’t forget to ask Alexa for exclusive deals

There are special promos that only Alexa can tell so ask her for those deals because they’re BIG as per previous Alexa deals (averaging at 40% off).

5. Sign-up for Amazon Allowance to avoid overspending on tempting deals you don’t really need

Amazon Allowance is a gift card that you can give to yourself or family members so you could share funds on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis and pay for Amazon purchases without the need for a credit card – no credit card means no overspending, you are just left with a prepaid card with a pre-loaded, designated amount for spending. A great hack to avoid spending beyond your limits on a Black Friday.

6. In case of overspending, know that you can return your purchases

Amazon offers a generous 30-day return policy on most purchases and sometimes during the holiday shopping rush (between Nov 1 to Dec 31), Amazon triples their return window to 90 days (most items, exclusions do apply).

Yes, those Black Friday deals can sure get the best of even the most frugal cheapnik out there – in case of overspending, you have 90 days to decide and return those shiny new toys.


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