Tips to Surviving & Nailing Black Friday Shopping 2018 at Walmart

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Thanksgiving Thursday Black Friday Shopping at Walmart

The Thanksgiving heat is on! | Photo by bobjgalindo used under CC

Black Friday shopping at the great big Walmart requires a lot of planning and preparation if you want to score the biggest deals and walk out happy and alive and unscathed, and now that the 2018 Walmart Black Friday Ad is out, the deals have dropped and now is the best time to plan ahead to ensure your Thanksgiving shopping success, plus make sure to check out existing Walmart deals and coupons to even further your savings.

Sometimes it’s best to just shop online at Only go in-store for the “Special Buy” deals.

Considering the fact that Walmart has seen some not so great casualties during their Black Friday openings, including stampedes and riots, try to think if it’s really worth having to deal with tons of other holiday shoppers and risk your own safety reaching out for that last big ticket item among a sea of other shoppers. Safety first, people!

Check out Walmart’s 2018 Black Friday Ad to plan out your buys (See here for Cheapnik’s best Walmart Black Friday deals). Plan to shop in store only if you want one of those “Special Buy” doorbusters. For the rest, consider just purchasing them online. Just make sure to take note of the all links or pages of the items you want so you can easily access them at exactly 9PM CT/10PM ET on Wednesday, November 21 and purchase right away, because just like the in-store scene, tons of online shoppers are also likely to be already looking at the same item, increasing the chances of it selling out in just a few hours.

Download the Walmart Mobile App to get your store map.

Use the Walmart Mobile App to quickly find your choice Black Friday items in store and help you formulate your own game plan and strategize based on the locations of the doorbuster items that you want.

Also, in-store guides to key departments such as tech & electronics, toys, home items, and apparel will be available to help shoppers out – these will be marked and color-coded balloons to help you navigate the store.

This year, Walmart will be having “Check Out With Me” associates for the first time ever, allowing you to check out on the spot and avoid having to wait in line. You can easily find them along the aisles storewide wearing bright yellow “Check Out With Me” sashes.

When ordering online, pick them up in-store to avoid shipping fees…

or spend the $35 minimum to get free shipping on your purchases. As if! I’m sure our purchases will be above $35 this season, but just saying…

Target big ticket, steeply discounted items first.

I guess this goes without saying, but whether you’re shopping online or in-store, aim for those big ticket items first – those that give you the biggest savings on those expensive things you can’t buy if not on a steep discount – because not only does it give you that satisfying smile when you’re done with your shopping, these kinds of Black Friday products do tend to be the first ones to run out of stock.

Consider signing up for Paribus before shopping at Walmart

Walmart is one of the major retailers whose prices Paribus monitors – they’ll scan your receipts and monitor prices drops for you, and give you a refund for the difference in case prices do change. No additional work on your end, just set it and forget it.

Lastly, be there early.

Can’t stress that enough. Everyone’s probably been planning the same as you are so being there early will be your KEY advantage here (out of all the tips mentioned here). If you’re early in the queue, participating Walmart stores will be offering customers free cookies from the Walmart Bakery and free coffee courtesy of Keurig at around 4PM, two hours before the sale begins.

Another reason to be at the stores early is because Walmart officially sacked the wristbands – no more “One Hour Guarantee” for the sale items, and everything is tagged as “while supplies last.”

If you’ve been planning to just shop online, again make sure to already have the product pages ready for purchasing on your browser, and do not forget to set an alarm for 9PM CT/10PM ET on Wednesday, November 21 just to make sure.


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