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      Hey guys, what are your tipid hacks at 7-Eleven?

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      Not buying there. Mas mura sa grocery store. Seriously, kung gusto mo talaga ng tipid hack, mamalengke ka kung may time tapos lutuin mo kesa bumili ng meals sa 7-11. Or mag grocery ka.

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        ..or if on the go talaga, buy from Mercury Drug instead! Parang convenience store (most branches) pero resyong grocery pa rin.

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      Tiger black is the best value beer they have

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      Mas mura yung P29 meals nila kumpara sa mga karinderya at fast food. Di nga lang masarap.

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      @glacerock P32 na siya

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      i dont buy there as much as possible, thats what

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      @slashipodex yes lalo kung may malapit na grocery store naman

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      Coffee lang for 20 pesos. Minsan hotdog for 30. Which makes it 50 for a meal. Then payments via kiosk. Other than that it’s overpriced sh**. Ignoring everything.

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      Sisig meal lang ang binibili ko dun pag gusto ko makatipid. Mahirap magtipid dun kasi mamahal bilihin.

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      Giniling meal tapos bibili ako ng chili con carne pandagdag ulam. Haha. Cut OP some slack people. Nung college ako gawain ko rin kumain sa convenience stores at fastfood kasi mas mabilis (dorm life lol)

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      I’ve found a hack or loophole with some 7-11 stores. I am not sure if anyone has jumped to it but last night i hoarded boxes of kopiko iced coffee which was basically free plus free cliqq points. Ill be going back to a few stores to get all their stock before someone else does. This is a legal purchase fyi.

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      @panalee How does that even work out as free?

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        They have a promo with the kopiko iced coffee which is buy 2 for 20 pesos and with the purchase you also get 20 e-stamps that can be converted back to cash. (Reminder: you have to use the cliqq wallet payment to get the e-stamp and to have it converted back to cash). So basically you can get it for free and get points also on top of it. 7-11 is basically paying you to get the item.

        One box of kopiko contains 24 bottles, regular price is 480. With the buy 2 for 20 promo it goes for 240 but with the e-stamp its free and i get 28.8 points(2 points equals to 1 peso) on top of the purchase. So i get 14 pesos also.

        Their are 4 variants, the brown, blanca, black and the 78°.

        Not all stores would have the buy 2 for 20 promo but all stores have the 20 e stamp for 2 bottles.

        Living in imus cavite we have alot of 7-11 stores in a 2 km radius, visited 10+ stores and only 4 of them have that promo.

        Will be going back tonight to get all the stocks before its all gone. Its perfectly legal since the cashiers didn’t stop us and some of them are aware of the promo.

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      @panalee 20 estamps is how much to points?

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      @consust That estamp is separate from the points. You get estamps from specific products in the store. Each varies how many you get. The cliqq points are rewards you get from purchasing set amount in the store.

      Each estamp equates to one peso if converted to cash and 2 cliqq reward points equates to one peso if converted. All done via the cliqq app.

      You also get raffle tickets for every 100 pesos purchase. Its estamp bakasyon thing. So its a win win!

      Reminder: estamps will be credited to your account after 15 minutes or so and can be converted right away and will be placed in your cliqq wallet.

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      Kung walang malapit na carinderia tas gutom na gutom ka na, bili ka nung Tipid Meals na tig-P29. And since usually di proportionate yung ulam:kanin ratio nun (i.e., mas marami yung kanin sa ulam), bili ka nung maliit na pack ng chicharon na P22. P51 lang lahat tas busog ka na hahaha

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