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A cheapnik is any stingy person who’s very thrifty and chooses to buy the most inexpensive item available, without sacrificing on quality. Reading upon this, it seems that most of us (if not all) are all cheapniks, after all.

Us Pinoys are definitely always in for a treat and we’re always all ears and ready to go whenever there’s a discount or a sale. The bigger the bargain is, the better. Basically, we love deals so much and we most likely got this trait from our nanaystatayslolos at lolas who we look up to when it comes to smart saving and then spending money carefully and very wisely.

Bargain Shopping Cheapnik Philippines

This is why we have created Cheapnik Philippines, your number 1 source of the latest local and nationwide sale events, promotions, deals, discounts, and even coupon codes for online shopping and bazaars. We at Cheapnik Philippines are BIG cheapniks ourselves and we are proud of it – we use this innate skill to help us curate and hand-pick the best deals and promos out there and post all these to this website for everyone to enjoy.

Would you like to contribute to the Cheapnik community and let us know any insider/exclusive discounts that you know of? Easy. Just contact us here or email us directly at ph@cheapnik.com.

Cheapnik Philippines
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